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We have designed CALIBRYFRUIT, to make your fruit picking easier and faster. This sizer support can be used to measure the diameter of any sort of fruits (apple, pear, peach, kiwi ). CALIBRYFRUIT can be adapted to any container for fruit picking and transport ( for example plastic or wooden bins, plastic or wooden crates and plastic baskets ).

Not by chance, this sizer was designed in Emilia(Italy), where the pear harvesting is a vocation. You can use the sizers you already have.

Which container to use for picking and storage, such a plastic or wooden bin or a crate, depends on the quality of pear quality (Williams, Conference, Abate). Before dropping the fruit into the container accurate calibration is required, which is easier and faster with CalibryFruit. The pears are measured and settled into different containers depending on their size. Basically the first pear selection is made during picking at the farm.

A manual fruit sizer, made of plastic or aluminium, is used for calibration ,which can be worn around the neck. You pick the fruit with one hand, pass it to the other and repeat the action until some fruit has been deposited. Then the fruit needs to be calibrated, which is particularly demanding and difficult; you have to hold the fruit in one hand, take the fruit sizer which is worn around your neck, calibrate the fruit and drop it into a specific container with care.

We have designed CALIBRYFRUIT to be an alternative efficient solution, which is placed directly on the fruit container.. So you can work with both hands again, instead of using the round-the neck-sizer which requires three hands for: holding a small amount of fruit, holding the sizer and dropping the fruit into the container.

We have achieved great results with CALIBRYFRUIT: fruit picking time is reduced by 15% and consequently farm costs are lower, calibration is more accurate and workers are more relaxed, and also a better view point on the fruit is offered to find any imperfections ( caused by hailstone, branches, plant disease, etc)

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CalibryFruit reduces working time and consequently increases labour productivity. You can use your own sizers. CalibryFruit is not only perfect for pear picking, but also for other types of fruit picking. It’s both easy and functional, two qualities which are indispensible for work.

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